New England Patriots Schedule 2018 Analysis: Dates, times, opponents & TV

Are you the big fan of the New England Patriots? Are you ready for some football from this big team? Great, because this year is going to be a fantastic time for both the team and their fans as many spectacular games will take place. Back then in April, the officials released the full schedule of New England Patriots upcoming games. It has never been too early to discuss what to expect in the future. We are going to share the results of our content analysis of the New England Patriots 2018 Schedule.

New England Patriots Schedule 2018

When we look at the New England Patriots Schedule 2018, the officials set New England Patriots for five prime-time contests. Three out of the games will happen on Sunday nights, plus one each on a Monday and Thursday night. These will occur in the fall season. All of these five prime-time contests will happen in the first half of the Patriots’ season. The good thing is that these will start before the team’s Week 11 bye. That means you will witness such spectacular moments in the early phase. It is different from the previous year which slates the Patriots Schedule 2018 before and after the mid-season week-off.

This year, the Patriots will set the sail to three out of four weeks in the late October and early November before their bye weekend. The team will be then on the road three weeks out of four. They will be preparing for the six away games in nine weeks. The New England Patriots 2018 Schedule includes the bye week as well.

Nope, it is not a rumor. If you are a big fan of the team, you’ll know that your eyes do not make mistakes. The exciting thing to see is the final quarter of the New England Patriots Schedule 2018. You may not predict it, but the officials mirror the December 2017 social calendar.

But long before the quarter, the Patriots will make their arrival at home to start the official season just like previous year. The good fact is that it is the first time for Patriots to open its regular season by hosting a 1 o’clock Sunday Kickoff since 2010. The spectacle will happen at Gillette Stadium. The Houston Texans are their upcoming opponent.

In the 2nd Week, you will be seeing the squad hitting the road again as they did in 2017. But this time, the team will face against Jaguars in Jacksonville for the AFC Championship. Then they will continue to fly west to Detroit to meet the Lions on Sunday Night Football.

For the home team, the Patriots have the Gillette Stadium to host the matchup. The Gillette Stadium will be the respective place where the three Patriot games happen. Patriots will host the Dolphins in a 1 o’clock matchup. Then they will regroup to manage the Thursday Night Game in the first week of October just like what we witnessed in the previous season at Tampa Bay. However, this time Patriots will stay in Foxborough. They are not going to travel to face the Clots.

After concluding the mini-bye in the weekend, the Patriots will welcome the Chiefs to town in the Sunday Night.

Perhaps the most critical stretch happens when the team visit to Chicago in the late October. New England then will procure rare spectacle in Buffalo. Then they will conduct the match by a short week in Foxborough. They will end the week with welcoming Packers in the Gillette Stadium on Sunday night. Keep in mind that welcoming Packers will be the starter of the November month. In the schedule, the Patriots will also make the rare visit to Nashville. They will be on the Veterans Day before getting the weekend off.

Then the next exciting spectacle to expect is when the Patriots come to New York to meet the Jets. The upcoming match will happen on the Thanksgiving Weekend. The next thing to do is to host the show when Vikings travel to New England in the first weekend in December. It is going to be the potential Super Bowl preview that FOX will be broadcasting.

In the week 14, Patriots will meet the Dolphins in Miami. This situation is also similar to the previous year. Then they will need to travel to Pittsburgh for the Week 15 matchup. Then they will face the Bills and the Jets before the Christmas and New Year. At that time, they will close the regular season.

We can’t neglect the fact that in the past two seasons, New England Patriots have had their bye week precisely at the midpoint. It might be out of the coincidence or not. And they reached the Super Bowl both years.

For the team, this year’s bye happens in the week 11. In the week 5, the Patriots can get rest because they have had five games in advance. If Patriots manage to settle the excellent result in the first-round playoff bye, they will be enjoying more free time in the future. It will happen precisely at the first weekend of January next year, after their final six regular season games. You can see their full schedule to have a great picture of their upcoming match. The free time will indeed give the team the big time to rest and rejuvenate before facing the next challenges.

After against Kansas City, precisely in the Week 6, the Patriots’ schedule will be indiscretion under the NFL officials. The New England Patriots 2018 Schedule discretion happens as the part of the league’s flexible scheduling. That means the start times can be different from what we’ve expected before. The flexibility will depend on how the season will unfold. Meanwhile, we already have the skeleton of the upcoming season. As expected, we can see that Patriots are in the familiar position as the national spotlight in most of the time.

Back then, folks were in the speculations and rumors of the New England Patriots Schedule 2018. Now the officials have confirmed the plan. Patriots have the big quest to follow, which is to reattain the Vince Lombardi Trophy that will happen on September 9, at 1:00 PM ET at Gillette Stadium. The regular season Patriots Schedule 2018 is official now. Here is the quick preview of the program.

Week 1: New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans (Sunday, September 9, 1:00 PM)

In consecutive two years, New England Patriots open their regular season at home. Houston Texans will be their opponent. It is undoubtedly an interesting matchup to witness.

Week 2: New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (Sunday, September 16, 4:25 PM)

Against Jaguars, the week 2 matchup will be the first road game of the team. Patriots will visit Florida to meet their contender. We still remember that Patriots defeated the respective team in the 2017 AFC Championship match. Will it happen again?

Week 3: New England Patriots vs. Detroit Lions (Sunday, September 23, 8:20 PM)

The week 3 matchup will be the Patriots’ first of the six prime-time contests. The match is going to be a prestigious one. You should not miss it.

Week 4: New England Patriots vs.. Miami Dolphins (Sunday, September 30, 1:00 PM)

In the week 2 and week 3, Patriots will hit the road for 2 straight games. The Patriots will return to Foxboro to meet with the Dolphins.

Week 5: New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts (Thursday, October 4, 8:20 PM)

The week 5 is the cycle of Patriots’ Thursday night game. How come? It happens precisely just like last year. The Patriots Thursday game occurs in the week 5. Colts will visit Foxboro for the first time.

Week 6: New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday, October 14, 8:20 PM)

Against Chief, the match gives the note to a rematch of the last season’s opener against the same team. Chiefs won the game back then. The week 6 event is going to be the opportunity for Patriots to revenge.

Week 7: New England Patriots vs Chicago Bears (Sunday, October 21, 1:00 PM)

It is arguably the lesser matchups on the Patriots Schedule 2018 . However, we won’t know precisely what will surprise the Patriots players on the court. There is still plenty of time to design the strategies for both teams.

Week 8: New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills (Monday, October 29, 8:15 PM)

For the first time since 1999, Patriots will meet the Bills.

Week 9: New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers (Sunday, November 4, 8:20 PM)

Versus Packers, it is going to be one of the most close games for Patriots.

Week 10: New England Patriots vs Tennessee Titans (Sunday, November 11, 1:00 PM)

Week 11: BYE WEEK

It is going to be the comfortable place for the Patriots.

Week 12: New England Patriots vs New York Jets (Sunday, November 25, 1:00 PM)

When Patriots meet Jets in the week 12, we know that it is coming out of the bye weeks.

Week 13: New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings (Sunday, December 2, 4:25 PM)

Patriots will host Vikings in the Week 13. But it is going to be the toughest game they have to play.

Week 14: New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins (Sunday, December 9, 1:00 PM)

Week 15: at Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday, December 16, 4:25 PM)

Week 16: New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills (Sunday, December 23, 1:00 PM)

This notes the second meeting of both teams.

Week 17: New England Patriots vs. New York Jets (Sunday, December 30, 1:00 PM)

It is similar to the previous season wherein Patriots close out the 2017 season. At this time, they will host the Jets.

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