Patriots vs Eagles: SuperBowl 2018 Game Preview and Prediction

There has never been another game in football like the Superbowl. There are tailgate parties, the best food in the world, the best fans from all over the world, commentators from every continent and of course, the 2 best teams for the year in football. The excitement in the air is electric, as people begin to determine who will win. In the year 2018 there are two veteran teams who know their place and know how to take it to the next level when they have to.

Patriots vs Eagles

The predictions from the analysts have the New England Patriots winning by a small margin. As the press begins to preview the game, there are many elements that they are looking for. Commentators must break down every element of the game. They will look at the psyche of both teams as they take the field. They will also look at the coaching staff and how important they are to the development and preparation of the team prior to game day. What will the workouts for the Patriots and Eagles look like as they prepare for the biggest game of their lives? Commentators will seek to explain the special elements of each team, no matter who that person is at any given moment. What injuries, if any, will plague each team? All of these will play a factor as the 2 best teams in football take to the field.

What it all comes down to is who wants it most? This promises to be one of the best Superbowl’s in history, just because of the teams that are playing. These two beasts of a team have what it takes to get it done. Commentators will talk about their concerns for both teams, along with each teams strengths. Each part of the team from the special teams, offense, secondary, defense, kicking team and offensive line as a whole must work together on that day as they have never done before. They must be in sync with each other’s playing rhythm like never before. And because of the level of play, the determination and discipline to stay the course must begin with the quarterbacks and trickle down to the water boy.

The Patriots vs Eagles game is so much more than just a Superbowl victory. It is the pride that each player carries inside to win. These players don’t care about stats or who does what to get it done. The ultimate goal for each player on the field, is to get the ‘W’ in the end. Super bowl 2018 promises to be one for the books as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots prepare to meet Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. These 2 quarterbacks must come out and lead their teams from the first quarter. And while Nick Foles, at his best does play well and can lead his team, he must realize that nobody does it better than the great Tom Brady.

The predictions from commentators will fare well with each team as the coaching staff begin to prepare their individual teams. People are watching and waiting to see what the commentators say about what is needed to get the win for each team. Will Nick Foles fold under the shadows of the incomparable football legend Brett Favre? Will he willow and shrivel up under the Superbowl game day pressure? Will Tom Brady play like the greatest quarterback in history? Or will the hand injury plague his throwing arms weapons down the field?

In spite of a 4 game suspension, the New England Patriots breezed into Superbowl 2018 with a 14 wins and 2 loss record. They seemingly dominated every team that they played. Even when Tom Brady’s hand was injured they seemed to be able to comeback with ease. Back and forth was the tone, but the New England Patriots always find a way to win. It is because of this dominance of play, that the predictions are that the New England Patriots are the odds on favorite to win.

And while the New England Patriots have been known for controversy over the years,particularly with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, they seem to always pull through and land on top of everyone else. It is the great coaching ability of Bill Belichick and the impenetrable ability to become steel when he needs to, while playing on a supernatural level, that Tom Brady displays. And while the naysayers can complain all they want about the deflating balls and other suspensions, they cannot deny the MAGIC that these two superhumans possess when working together on any given Sunday.

Commentators and others are concerned with Nick Foles and his ability to stay the course. And while he has sporadically shown signs of greatness, what commentators are really concerned about is which Nick Foles will we see? He has shown this year that he can lead the team to victory. But under the high pressure glaring lights of the biggest game in football, will the nerves come until he falls apart? He is the much more inexperienced quarterback when compared to the great Tom Brady, which in and of itself, would unnerve even the best quarterback.

While the predictions and reviews for Superbowl 2018 have been in favor of the victory going to the New England Patriots, when the 2 teams take the field on Sunday, they will definitely be on level playing ground. Who knows what will happen, as the teams prepare for the biggest game of their lives? It will be something special to watch and remember as the giant New England Patriots meet the underdogs Philadelphia Eagles. The giants know how to win, as they have done it so many times. The underdogs have nothing to lose which takes off the pressure, should they choose to play as if their lives depended upon it.

As Bill Belichick and Tom Brady work together to perhaps lead their New England Patriots to a recording breaking sixth Superbowl championship, the Philadelphia Eagles will look to stop the power that New England carries. The New England Patriots have been to the Superbowl game a record breaking 10 times,which is more than any team in National Football League history.The Philadelphia Eagles have played in 3 Superbowl’s and lost on each occasion. Will the fourth time be the charm and the victory that they have been looking for? If they come out with the hunger of wanting and needing a victory, they can place pressure on New England. Whatever the case, Superbowl 2018 will be the one to watch come Sunday February 4, 2018.

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